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How to Choose an RV Repair Shop

Whether you need a basic inspection or there’s a more crucial repair that must be done, it might be time to call an RV mechanic. But finding the right one can be trickier than you’d imagine.

Here are tips to help you select the right RV repair service for your needs:

Be particular about work quality, and go through some reviews.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old adage that applies even to RV repair services. You may have found an itsy-bitsy garage or a big chain car dealership, but work and service quality should be your topmost consideration. If you’re not familiar with the area, look only for RV repair shops near you and read reviews.

Look for experience.

An an auto repair shop that deals with a lot about cars isn’t automatically the right one to handle RVs. These two are far from the same. You may pay an RV mechanic more, but they can do far better than any cheaper but inexperienced substitute.

Check their equipment.

If you want to know how good an RV mechanic is, find out what equipment they have. Simply put, because RVs are much larger vehicles than typical, it’s only natural that repairing them will call for different equipment as well. For instance, RV mechanics rely on a 3D frame measuring machine, which lets them detect problems and necessary repairs, including even framing issues.

The squeeze-type resistance spot welder is another piece of equipment they use, this time for mimicking the original welds of the vehicle manufacturer.

Check if they provide a warranty.

RV repairs are typically more costly compared to ordinary vehicle repairs, so it’s even more important to look for a shop that will stand behind their work. If you meet an RV mechanic who provides warranties on their repairs, it only means that they know they’re doing a good job, so that’s probably a reason to trust them.

Choose a certified repair shop.

Competent RV mechanics back up their abilities by seeking certification. If they truly serious about giving their best to their customers, they will spend time and resources to make that possible. So before you decide on a particular repair shop, ask them about their certifications. While this won’t guarantee that they are the best, it will tell you that they are dedicated to what they do.

Let the RV community help.

If you run encounter problems while you’re on the road, you probably won’t know the best local repair shops. Luckily, as an RV owner, you’ll be part of a friendly community of RV owners who are always happy to give advice when needed.

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