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Is A Cloud VPS A Dedicated Server Or Shared?

Virtual private server hosting is in midst of website owners very popular. What is the reason behind its huge preference over many web hosting plans? The available web hosting plans are either shared or dedicated hosting plan types.

VPS and cloud both enjoy some benefits in the shared web hosting plan. In case you are looking for which way to go but end up with similar things, perhaps you want to understand of cloud and VPS server.

Several websites like this dedicated server hosting plan. Dedicated hosting is where a whole server is set aside for one website. You may find a lot of space or bandwidth but unlimited which may crash if bandwidth level is exceeded.

It becomes hard for the host to allow same plan bandwidth. According to most companies of web hosting this is known as fair usage policy.

This is not cheap and you may land in trouble in case the traffic on your website reaches peak. It becomes hard to manage the traffic and also hard to guarantee 100% uptime.

There are some hindrances in this shared webhosting plan. There is sharing of server space and bandwidth. This shared web hosting is not suitable for large websites.

If you are newbie and want a place where your blog can be hosted then in the shared web hosting plan would be a good place to start.

Here you will learn of web hosting basics such as the managing options and cPanel. A business website may have difficulties in traffic management.

You should increase the time that your website responds failing which you can lose visitors and this may affect your return on investment.

In cloud VPS Hosting, you will find that there is an actual server that is shared amongst other private servers virtually, however all every website has a private virtual environment.

That is the reason why this cloud VPS hosting plan acts like a shared web hosting plan or a dedicated server hosting plan because of its develop virtual dedicated server.

It is possible for a VPS to expand on its own in the virtual environment. If need be the resources on the real server can be used by a single virtual private server. Cloud computing technology makes VPS to be a good hosting plan.

Cloud VPS makes sure there is maximum uptime and proficient traffic control. The cloud VPS can channel traffic to other users.

VPS hosting is preferred by people who have large business websites. Cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting are in the same costing level but shared web hosting is cheaper compared to them.

Cloud VPS is for those who want maximum uptime. It is advised that you first analyse your hosting requirements so that you can decide the web hosting plan that best suits you.

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